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The Morning After | #LO300/600 Update

Main Duck Course

It is almost 24 hours into the race and both fleets are moving after a soft night.

The Main Duck course saw everyone hug the rhumb line heading towards Oswego. Coming into the early morning, most of the fleet has drifted south of the rhumb line due to the wind pressure, current, and light winds.

After 22 hours, Afterburn is the only boat to have rounded Ford Shoal and is flying up to Main Duck Island at 6 kts, which is far better than the average boat speed last night. Suspect and Esprit de Corps IV are just coming to the Ford Shoal Mark.

The remaining 40+ft boats are averaging 4kts in lighter winds on the south shoreline. The majority of the fleet are still tightly banded together with an average boat speed of 4kts and prediction of the same weather throughout the day.

The winds appear to be picking up on the north east corner of the lake as the boats sail into the pressure. The challenge will be after rounding Main Duck Islands.

Scotch Bonnet Course

Although the winds seemed to be a little stronger through the night on the north side of the lake, no one has reached Scotch Bonnet Island in either FS or NFS divisions. The winds offshore probably made for a nice tight reach through the night, but are probably going to cause a flurry of flies and nothing else for most the the morning today. After Scotch Bonnet there will be a long trek across the middle of the lake, with following winds that hopefully start to build.


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