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Customs Information for USA Vessels

All USA registered vessels arriving in Canada must call a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) to obtain authorization to enter Canada.

* All pertinent details are available on the Canada Border Services Agency website.

Customs Information for Canadian Vessels

Although Canadian registered vessels are not expected to land in the USA during the normal course of this race, a vast portion of the race course takes place in US waters. As such, it is highly recommend that all crew members on competing vessels carry the necessary US Customs documents should they are required in case of landing emergencies at a US port or on-water inspection by US authorities.

* The Pleasure Boat Reporting Requirements are available on the US Customs and Border Protection website here.

* The new (June 1, 2009) WHTI document requirements are available on the US Department of Homeland Security website.

Coast Guard

The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing organizing committee will be providing the Canadian Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard with a comprehensive list of all competing vessels for each event.

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