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Fees & Information Needed

In order to fully register, you need to provide the following information: 


Required fees are as follows and are payable on line when registering your boat for the following races:


Susan Hood Trophy Race

Lake Ontario Short-Handed Racing Series 

Skipper Details

We need to know the some information about the skipper. This information is collected through the Yacht Scoring application.


Mandatory fields are identified as such; please provide as much information as possible.

Yacht Details

This information is also collected through the Yacht Scoring application and includes things such as the boat name, information about your campaign, and the performance rating of your yacht. 


Click here for more information about the performance rating systems that apply to the Lake Ontario Offshore Racing events.

Although the organizing committee will make an effort to validate all rating certificate on-line prior to race day, you may need to provide a copy of your valid rating certificate at the race check-in day. Please make sure you have a copy with you.

Course & Fleet Selection

This information is also collected through the Yacht Scoring application and include information about your selection of the race course and fleet in which you want to participate.


Please contact us at if you wish to change the course and fleet you originally selected on Yacht Scoring.

Crew Details

Information about your crew members is recorded on the on-line version of the Crew List available at Yacht Scoring available in the Owners’ Corner; please ensure that emergency contacts for all crew members is provided. The Crew List is a very important document in case of emergency; any last minute changes are to be recorded electronically on the crew list.

YachtScoring was updated in 2013 to collect Emergency Contact information for the competitors.

First, on the Boat Information side, a new field was added for “Boat Emergency Phone” which is intended for the owners and captains to add their Sat or cell phone numbers in case the Coast Guard or anyone else needs to get in touch with the boat during the race.

On the Crew side… There was for a while a single field for “Emergency Contact Information” which was pretty generic in content.  It was eliminated and replaced with 4 individual fields in order to be more specific about the information we needed to be collected. The new fields are:

Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone
Emergency Contact Mobile
Emergency Contact Email

These field have already been added to the Crew List Report in the Administration side of the event.

While making these changes, YachtScoring has added a new “Crew’s Corner” to the event’s public side.  This area will allow for individual Crews, once added by the Owners to their crew list, to login and update their own information and Emergency Contact.

From an Owner’s perspective, this eliminates their need to track and complete all of each crew’s information.  They need only to enter the Crew’s Name and Email address.  The individual crew can then return to the site, log into their record thru the “Crew’s Corner” and complete/update their own information.

Safety Certificate

You need to provide proof that your yacht conforms to the required safety requirements. This is a signed declaration from the skipper indicating that he has reviewed all safety requirements outlined in the relevant Lake Ontario Offshore Special Regulations and the yacht conforms to these requirements.


The signed copy of the Lake Ontario Offshore Special Regulations document must be produced at check-in prior to the start of the race.

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