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Volunteer with LOOR

Help keep LOOR a success by Volunteering!

It takes over 100 Volunteers to run LOOR races.

As little or as much you can do; From just several hours to more

Join the comradery and fun of the LOOR Volunteers

Give back to the sport

High school students obtain your community service hours

Practice your skills in alternative environments

On Water or Onshore

Many different skills needed

Experience not necessarily required

During Season & Off Season

You can contact us at

The Roles and Jobs at LOOR


Represent LOOR at your yacht club by being a LOOR
Ambassador. Promote LOOR events and help your fellow club
members participate in them.

Awards & Trophies

Manage the upkeep of LOOR trophies. Maintain historical
records. Conduct and manage the awards process from the
beginning up to their presentation.

Communications, Marketing, & PR

Ensure LOOR’s timely visibility on the racing scene, and
generally, using all the tools at LOOR’s disposal, print, email,
web, social media etc. to drive interest, participation, and
support of LOOR and its events, whether races or others.

Race Committee
On Water:

Start all LOOR races and finish LOSHRS Day Races.

Race Committee

Finish LOOR OSR Category 3 races in shifts.

Race Committee

Remotely monitor the LO600 participants 7x24 in shifts.


Remotely manage the pre-race registrations to ensure their
completeness and accuracy from registration opening to the

Safety Committee:

Ensure that LOOR is seen as a leader in safety at sea. Make
certain that LOOR meets or exceeds the generally accepted
standards and practices in this area, such as the World Sailing’s
Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) and working with safety-
related, and search & rescue groups.


Staff onsite check-in pre-race. Welcome, support, and process

finishers for OSR Category 3 races onshore.

Social Events:

Plan, execute, and support the many LOOR social events, from
pre-race social functions, post-race parties, awards ceremonies
to standalone LOOR social functions.

Sponsorship Management:

Manage the end-to-end sponsorship program, from solicitation to
ongoing relationship management with the sponsor.
Sponsorship is key to LOOR’s ability to provide top-notch
offshore racing for a reasonable fee.

Technical Committee:

Manage and do the pre and post race safety inspections.

Volunteer Care:

Help manage and coordinate the recruitment, assignment,

tracking, and recognition of LOOR volunteers.

Ad Hoc/Other:

LOOR always has other and ad hoc NEEDS!

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