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LOSHRS Sail Draw

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Once again North Sail and Access Abilities is joining up to offer up to $5,000 value towards a new sail.  Can you think of a better chance to win a sail?  Neither can we!  Please take note of the requirements to qualify for the draw as listed below?

The draw will be done at Dalhousie Yacht Club the evening after the scheduled 5th LOSHRS race - the race to DYC on Saturday, September 14, 2024.  In order to qualify for the draw: 

  • The boat must have competed in - and finished - the number of races indicated in the table below. 

  • The skipper or a boat representative must be present at the draw to receive the prize.  If there is no representative another boat shall be drawn. 

  • If the boat drawn is short one completed race (as according to the table below) that boat must compete in and finish the final race on Sunday. September 15, 2024, from DYC to PCYC in order to meet the four race requirement.  If the drawn boat falls into this situation further boats will be drawn as runners-up in case the first drawn boat does not complete the last race.


The qualifying number of races finished will be determined by the number held:

6                         4
5                         3
4                         2
3                         1
2                         1
1                          1 


(*)          Not scored as DNC, DNS, OCS, UFD, BFD, NSC, DNF, RET, DSQ, or DNE.

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