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LOOR Announces the Mentored Class for the LOSHRS Day Races in 2024

April 8, 2024

LOOR announces the Mentored class for the LOSHRS Day Races in 2024

Lake Ontario Offshore Racing (LOOR) would like to announce the Mentored Class for the Lake Ontario Shorthanded Racing Series LOSHRS) for Series Day Races.

The format of the LOSHRS Day Races Mentored is to encourage cruisers to start participating in racing either single (solo) or doublehanded by having an experience racer on board to act as mentor. The mentor can not participate in sailing activities except in an emergency. Each boat can select a mentor tailored to her needs, e.g., the start, the rules, deciding on the best course for the race, etc.

More details on the LOSHRS Mentored Class available in the LOOR Blog HERE:

LOOR will be holding a webinar with an open discussion on the LOSHRS’ Mentored Class at 19:00 EDT, Tuesday, April 23, 2024. More details on the webinar is available HERE:  

For more information:

• Lake Ontario Offshore Racing:

• Or contact:


About Monica Doedens – LOOR Co-Chair. Monica joined the LOOR Committee in 2009 taking on the responsibilities of Shoreline Logistics and took on the role of Chair in 2018.

About Terry Kuehn - LOOR Co-Chair. Terry has been a member of the LOOR Committee for over four years starting with being an Ambassador and leading the Ambassador team.  He currently is Co-Chair with Monica and heads the marketing and sponsorship efforts.”

Lake Ontario Offshore Racing (LOOR) of the Port Credit Yacht Club (PCYC), is dedicated to bringing the offshore sailboat racing experience to Lake Ontario. This is accomplished with its running of the Lake Ontario 300/600 Challenge Races (LO300/LO600), including the Solo Challenge, the Susan Hood Trophy Race (SHTR) and the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series (LOSHRS) offshore sailboat races. This is augmented by LOOR’s educational series throughout the Lake Ontario basin and promotion of other activities related to offshore racing. A key focus of LOOR is the safety of offshore racing.

For more information regarding Lake Ontario Offshore Racing please visit


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