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Is Racing in the New LOSHRS Mentored Class for you?

Are you part of a cruising couple interested in moving to racing? With concerns about lack of racing experience and knowledge? Uncertain about racing in close quarters, especially at rounding marks?

Then, the Lake Ontario Shorthanded Racing Series (LOSHRS) Day Race Mentored Class is for you!


Why? The reasons include:


1.    Four of the five LOSHRS Day Races are from the start to the finish; no marks to round.

2.    All are long distance races so pushing at the start to be the winner is not paramount.

3.    With the distances involved and various takes on where is the best winds, the racers aren’t in tight packs.

4.    Four of the races are held on two weekends with great social functions at the destination yacht club, Youngstown and Dalhousie.

5.    Boats in LOSHRS Day Races only need the lower requirements in the  LOOR Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) Category 4 .

6.    There’s a chance to win $5,000 towards a new sail from North Sails *

7.    Can register for one race, several races, or entire series.

8.    The new Mentored Class provides the opportunity for those with no racing experience to have a mentor aboard to provide advice and instruction.

As LOSHRS is limited to single (solo) and doublehanded racing, this year LOOR has added the Mentor Class to allow an experienced racer on board to act as a mentor. This allows those new to racing, as single or doublehanded, to have an additional person onboard to act as a mentor. The mentor can’t take part in activities of sailing while racing, only provide information or advice. Emergencies are excepted, such as coming to the aid of vessels or individuals in distress.

Key aspects of the LOSHRS Mentor Class:

·      Will have their own dedicated start.

·      Only for No Flying Sails (NFS, so no spinnaker), at least for 2024.

·      Single and Doublehanded will race together to ensure competition. Unless enough register to split.

·      Each boat can select a mentor tailored to her needs, e.g., the start, the rules, deciding on the best course for the race, etc.

Want to learn more about racing in LOSHRS generally, and specifically in the Mentored Class – Join LOOR Webinar at 19:00 EDT, Tuesday, April 23, 2024: Register HERE

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*  Regarding the Sail draw: the winner is selected from all boats that finished a percentage of the races completed. The Day Races provide a sufficient number of races to qualify. The sail is provided courtesy of Access Abilities and North Sails Toronto. More details can be found here.


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