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Win A Pair Of Sperry's!

Very Worn, Tattered and Torn Sperry Shoe Contest

Use your old Sperry’s to win a pair of new Sperry’s

Everyone has an old pair of Sperry’s that have been worn through many storms and put away wet more than once. Have been used long after their life on the boat.

A great testament to the comfort Sperry’s are known for.

This year at the Skippers Meeting for the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge we will have a competition to determine the most tattered, torn and worn Sperry Topsiders.

Just wear your Sperry’s to the Skippers Meeting on Friday July 13th and come up to the front when the contest is announced.

The winning pair of shoes and the runner up will receive a certificate entitling the owner to a new pair of shoes. “Winners” will be able to redeem on the Sperry website.

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