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Great news, the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge has secured the services of YB Tracking again for the 2021 race. This is an exciting decision and will provide unmatched web based viewing of this year’s race.

You will find the tracker for the 2021 Challenge here.

If you would rather track on your phone there are apps available here (right side of the page in small-ish print).  While tracking on the computer is free there may be a small charge by YB to install the app.

YB Tracking are the world’s leaders in satellite-based tracking services and use the Iridium satellite system for unmatched performance anywhere in the world.

You’ve seen YB Tracking in some very impressive races including Velux 5 Oceans and the Rolex Fastnet Race. Web based viewing of an offshore race plays a huge role in providing the fast growing number of fans a first hand look at the action. It has brought the promotion of yacht racing to a whole new level and YB Tracking have some features that will dramatically improve the LO300 experience. Transmissions will be recorded every 15 minutes for close to real time viewing.

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Race Live!

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The race viewer package offered by YB Tracking includes:
  • Multiple groups, or classes of yacht

  • Display of waypoints, markers and rhum line

  • Historic tracks, as well as the current locations of yachts, replay

  • Display of speed and course for each yacht

  • Display of country flag, skipper name and yacht name

  • Link to individual yacht blog, if provided

  • Weather (GRIB) information via PredictWind, look at future wind data

Past YB Tracking can be found below:






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