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Susan Hood Update

Attention LOOR racers.

As you know, the COVID 19 pandemic situation has forced the Ontario government to impose strict regulations on Yacht Clubs and marinas in Ontario.

The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Committee is staying up to date by communicating with regulatory bodies, plus we have been getting information directly from Yacht Club Commodores and our LOOR Club Ambassadors. We understand that due to these restrictions and the low water levels at some docks, many clubs have delayed launch. Racers at many clubs may be unable to prepare their boats and launch in time even if regulations allow us to race at the beginning of June.

We are waiting for some updates from these sources and once they are in, we plan to meet and discuss how to proceed with the Susan Hood Trophy Race and first LOSHRS race. Our options do include cancellation, but we are also considering postponement to an alternate date.

So far, we are hopeful that we can continue with the LO300/LO600 in a normal fashion, but have options ready for different levels of restrictions

Please watch for our updates in our newsletter and follow our blog and social media posts.

We hope you, your family, friends, and crew are staying safe and healthy,

Monica Doedens


Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Organising Authority


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