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Stability Screening Alphabet Soup - A Webinar

This a primer on stability for offshore sailboat racing for the racer presented by Richard Hinterhoeller.

January 19, 2021.

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The Presentation is available for viewing below:

On Youtube,

Or as a .pdf slideshow:

Stability Sreening Alphabet Soup
Download PDF • 3.28MB

Upon becoming co-race director for Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Race 2007, a potential competitor asked whether his boat would meet the stability requirements for the race. This was Richard’s introduction to, as coined by his Boston Yacht Club counterpart (the late) Geoff Smith, the alphabet soup of stability screening. Even with the aforementioned background, understanding this turned out to be a complex and time-consuming mission. With the goal of saving fellow race organizers and racers time, the webinar presentation “Stability Screening Alphabet Soup” will introduce the various stability screening systems, why they exist, what the acronyms mean and where to get these numbers. Richard is a mechanical engineer who also studied some naval architecture, skills which he applied during 12 years of building boats with his father. While briefly living in Halifax, Richard became race director for Route Halifax Saint-Pierre 2004 and has continued to in that role for offshore category 2 races. He is also involved with the Sail Canada Offshore Group (currently serving as chair) which provides continuity of resources and training across the country.


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