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Sponsor nke Marine Electronics Offers Prize!

The Susan Hood Trophy Race starts in a week and we have an exciting announcement to make to all racers competing for the Susan Hood trophy

We would like to welcome our new sponsor nke [].

They have decided to step up in a big way by providing a prize for the Corrected time PHRF winner of the Susan Hood Trophy. The prize is a Multidisplay and pad worth $2300!

We know racers are thrilled to compete for the Susan Hood trophy but now nke has made the race so much more exciting.

Big thanks go out to nke and we look forward to developing our new partnership.

Information about nke:

For more than 40 years, nke has been developing innovative instruments and technologies dedicated to navigation. Whatever your type of navigation, would it be racing or cruising, solo or with a crew, nke instruments are designed to meet all levels of requirements and needs. Performance, reliability, ease of use and safety remain our main objectives. nke sales & support is now available in Toronto area through DC Sailing!


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