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Sail Inventory - What do I need?

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Recommended Sail Inventory for Lake Ontario Offshore Sailing by Hugh Beaton of North Sails – A Free Webinar on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Having the right set of sails is key to successful racing. North Sail’s Hugh Beaton will describe the key points for offshore racing sails.

1930 ET, Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Learn about sails for offshore Sailboat racing from a sailmaker and experienced racer.

Hugh learned to sail in Barrie Ontario, where he worked with Lasers, 470s, Int 14’s and small keelboats. He started working at local sail loft during summers while attending University in Toronto. While attending University, Hugh learned to design and build spinnakers. He developed a passion for racing IOR throughout North America.

Early in his career he was introduced to the International 8 Metre Class, which quickly became his class of choice. Hugh quickly found himself working with 40 teams from 12 different countries. The boats are beautiful to sail, and highly technical making them an ideal platform for North Sails’ range of design services and 3D manufacturing.

Hugh has attended 21 World Championships, winning nine titles along the way.

Aside from the 8 metres, Hugh enjoys distance racing on the Great Lakes, and cruising with his family in the North Channel area of Lake Huron.


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