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PHRF Certificate - Who, What, When, Where, How?

I need a PHRF-LO certificate for my sailboat, what do I need to do? – A Free Webinar on Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Many first time and returning racers participate in LOOR races and need a PHRF-LO certificate. This session provides information on what the owner needs to do.

1930 ET, Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Register here (It’s free)[1]

This panel discussion will lead a sailboat owner through the process to obtain a PHRF-LO certificate,. including whether the sailboat:

· Class is already in the PHRF-LO database.

· Class is new to Lake Ontario, i.e., not in the PHRF-LO database.

· Is modified from its class.

· Has certificate form a different PHRF region and needs one from PHRF-LO.

The panel members include:

· Adam Farkas, PHRF-LO Assistant Chief Handicapper, and a racer from NYC

· Michael Brown, PHRF-LO Toronto West District & NYC Handicapper, and a racer from NYC

· Graham Dougall, LOOR Race Management, Technical & Safety Committee Chair, and from QCYC

If you will need a new PHRF-LO Certificate for 2021 or beyond, attend to learn what you, as the owner, will need to do.


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