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LOOR 2023 Webinar Series

Webinar 1:

Two Mandated Items: 19:30 EST, Tuesday, February 21, 2023

On Zoom

There are several items mandated for LOOR Events, whether LOOR OSR Category 3 or 4.

This session will cover two of these that might be overlooked.

  • Concussions - Mandated by Ontario Law

  • First Aid – Awareness by, at least, one crew, A First Aid Manual and First Aid Kit, which "shall reflect the likely conditions and duration of the passage, and the number of crew”.

The Concussion component will provide what competitors need to know and briefly go

over the Ontario Government’s material that competitors are supposed to review


The First Aid component will discuss some of the factors that sailors need to consider

when determining what First Aid Manual and First Aid Kit might be fit for their purposes,

such as just racing versus blue ocean cruising, etc.

Webinar 2:

Ontario Sailing – Two Services for Racers

19:00 EST, Tuesday, March 21, 2023

On Zoom

Covers Personal Survival Courses and the Maple Leaf Fund provided by Ontario Sailing

of interesting to racers, especially offshore.

Ontario Sailing is the Provincial Sports Organization (PSO)/Provincial Sailing Authority

(PSA) responsible for sailing, including sailboat racing. Amongst the various services

that Ontario Sailing provides to sailors, two are of specific interest to racers, especially

those participating in offshore events such as those organized by Lake Ontario Offshore

Racing (LOOR).

They are:

  • The Sail Canada Personal Survival Courses organized by Ontario Sailing

  • The Maple Leaf Fund

Personal Survival Courses:

Taking one of the two Personal Survival Courses is becoming more and more a

requirement for a percentage of the crew participating in a race that is run as an

Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) Category 0, 1, 2, or 3. More information on

LOOR’s phased implementation can be found at this LINK. While developed for

offshore racing, these courses are of interest and use to cruisers, especially those

considering blue water cruising.

Learn why you should take one of the courses, which one is the right fit for you, and

how to register at Ontario Sailing..

The Maple Leaf Fund

There are requirements to participate in events conducted under World Sailing’s Racing

Rules of Sailing and Sail Canada Prescriptions. The general method to comply in

Canada is for the Person-in-Charge (PiC) to be a member of a sailing or yacht club that

is a member of their Provincial Sailing Authority/Sail Canada. To allow those that do not

comply this way, i.e., as being at a marina, Ontario Sailing offers its Maple Leaf Fund.

If interested in or planning to race, learn how:

  • To confirm your club is a member of Ontario Sailing/Sail Canada

  • If your club is not a member or at a marina, how to subscribe to Ontario Sailing’s

Maple Leaf Fund to meet the eligibility requirement.


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