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LO300/LO600 Early Bird Registration is the only fee!

* Edited 6/13/2021 to update

LO300/LO600 early bird pricing deadline was next Monday, Monday, May 31. With the uncertainty of what public health regulations will be in place or even if the LO300/LO600 can legally proceed on the scheduled dates, the LOOR Organising Authority has decided to move this deadline and make early bird pricing the only pricing for the 300/600. This will allow our racers some additional time to make a decision of whether they will be able to race or not. If all goes well, it looks as though timing will be good for the LO300/600 to proceed.

LOSHRS races 2 and 3 have been cancelled as a new date could not be found that didn't conflict with other racing.

These are uncertain times, however we will make decisions as soon as possible. We are continuing to plan as though our races will happen.

Thank you for your patience.

Monica Doedens,



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