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2021 LO300 Finish Update...

The 2021 Lake Ontario 300 Challenge is coming to a close with all except two boats safely on shore. Kudos to the remaining two race teams who are still out there and have found the stamina to continue on to the finish when others have retired!

This year’s race lived up to its name by challenging the racers with long stretches of calm, a restrictive course with limited space to maneuver compared to other 300s, plus the added obstacle of the US Border. Close to end, several thunderstorms rolled through just to add additional discomfort to the already tired racers.

Congratulations go to Skipper Ian Struthers on Plika, a Beneteau First 10R, who raced in the double handed division, They are this year’s winner of the Sperry Cup. Great race!

After a battle around the lake, Line Honours went to Hydromec, with Afterburn close behind. Congratulations to our racers from Quebec City!

Check all results on Yacht scoring

Thanks to all the racers who have made the 2021 LO300 a great success! See you at the Susan Hood Trophy Race in just over 2 weeks.

Don’t forget that three of the boats who completed the LO300 are still competing against each other as the round the course again in the LO600. It is exciting to watch them go around the couse second time!! Watch them race here:

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