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Final details before the Susan Hood Trophy Race (updated)

Due to the high water this year please note, tying or rafting is not allowed along the wall in front of the PCYC clubhouse. As per my previous communication, visiting boats should have requested a slip even for the brief time during check in and skipper’s meeting. Those slip assignments will be sent to you by this evening.

PCYC may need to cut power to the docks if the water reaches our power sources, so be aware that you may not be able to plug in.

Parking is going to be a real issue because the yard is still full of boats and cradles. PCYC will do their best to accommodate all cars, but please use alternate arrangements when possible (car pool, taxi, Uber, or get dropped off).

Mandatory check in times are Thursday night (May 30) hours are 5 to 9 PM. Best to come on Thursday if you can as it is really busy on Friday (and who needs that stress before a race). Friday (May 31) Check-in starts at 2:00 pm and ends promptly at 5:00 pm to give us enough time to prepare for the Skipper’s Meeting at 6 pm. We’re excited to see everyone at the start line!

There are more than 85 boats registered at this time. There have been some difficulties with launch for some boats due to high water so the number of boats racing may be a bit lower this year, but the long term weather looks great and we are all eager to get out on the water.

Here is a list of important information all skippers need to read before the race.

Pre race Check-in at PCYC is mandatory. Thursday night (May 30) hours are 5 to 9 PM. Friday (May 31) Check-in starts at 2:00 pm and ends promptly at 5:00 pm to give us enough time to prepare for the Skipper’s Meeting.

Here are a few reminders that will make check in go more quickly:

Crew list:

Please make sure your on line crew list is complete, accurate, and includes all emergency contact information for each person on the boat. This includes skippers and solo racers. We will be checking this information and if it isn’t complete you will be required to add it then. Your crew must be listed with their emergency contact information. In case of emergency, we need to know who is on your boat and who they would like us to contact for them.

Yachtscoring makes it easy to do. Go to your Owner’s Corner page and click on “My Crew List”. Add the names and email addresses of your crew. Once complete, an email will be sent to all crew members prompting them to fill in the relevant information. You can use the link “Email my Crew” to remind them all to do it.

Documents that need to be complete and submitted at Check-in:

To simplify the check-in process we have combined most of the documents that need to be submitted into on form called “LOOR form combined”. This form replaces the following documents:

LOOR Offshore racing Special Regulations certificate (Safety),

Sail Plan,

Last minute registration changes, and

Alternative Sail Number Request (applicable if you are carrying any sails with numbers other than the one you have registered).

Please ensure you have it completed and ready to hand in at the check in desk.

-Crew Overboard Recovery Drill Certificate – (***not on combined form***) You need not put a person in the water for this drill, you can use a fender or floating cushion, but you must walk through the entire procedure including how you plan to pull a person heavy with water onto the boat. This form must be signed by at least half of the crew participating in the race. The drill must be performed within twelve months of the race.

These documents are available on Yachtscoring. This ‘Documents and Forms link can be found here:

Please also ensure that your registration is complete (this includes payment) and that your PHRF or IRC certificate is up-to-date.

See you soon,

Nancy Wolf

Shoreline Logistics and Registration

Lake Ontario Off-shore racing Committee

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