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Nautical Fashion | Sail Swag

A Canadian brand bringing fashion and sailing together. Sail Swag is a fashion and lifestyle brand that is nautically themed, adding that perfect final touch to every outfit.

Ranging from bracelets to shoes to belts, every piece from Sail Swag reminds you of the water and endless opportunities for adventure. Made with genuine lines and hardware you'd see on most sailboats, each piece from their multiple collections embodies the nautical lifestyle we all love so much.

With their passion for life on the water and all things nautical, having Sail Swag as a partner for Lake Ontario Offshore Racing for the 2018 made perfect sense. We're happy to have them onboard for the season ahead.

To shop their full line of footwear, see here.

To shop their full line of bracelets, see here.

P.S. They have FREE shipping to the USA & Canada!

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