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Momentum is Building for an Exciting Offshore Racing Season on Lake Ontario!

At the Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Early Bird registration deadline, there is a great assortment of competitors lined up for the Susan Hood Trophy Race in early June, the LO300 and LO600 in mid-July, and the numerous LOSHRS events.

For first-timers and multi-year repeaters, the LO300/600 Challenge in 2018 will not only continue with our usual high level of fun and excitement, but will also provide racers with unexpected weather, competitive boats from 30’ to 50’, and lots of friendly flies! Yes, that’s right, all the elements we look for each year during the glorious sailing days in mid-July.

Many of the winners from the 2017 LO300 Challenge have already signed up to defend their impressive accomplishments. Are you going to let them repeat their success? Or, are you ready to muster your own challenge and claim your place on the podium?

Let’s Go! Registration is open, and launch is just around the corner. We want to see you at the start line.

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