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​The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing committee in collaboration with the Great Lakes Singlehanded Society (GLSS) is pleased to announce the fifth “Lake Ontario 300 Solo Challenge” (LO300SC) which is scheduled to start on Saturday, July 10th, 2021.


The event will start and finish at the Port Credit Yacht Club and will run concurrently with the Lake Ontario 300 race. The course will be a 300 nautical mile circumnavigation of Lake Ontario and will follow the Lake Ontario 300 Main Duck Island Course.

The Great Lakes Singlehanded Society is an organization established for the perpetuation of the sport of solo sailing. Its purpose is two-fold, the first being to encourage the development of suitable techniques, equipment, and gear for shorthanded passage under sail; its second being the recognition of accomplishments of singlehanded sailors in the Great Lakes region. The camaraderie of like-minded sailors, borne of the competition on the race course, is the one of the greatest benefits the Society is able to bestow upon its members.

The Society views all skippers who successfully complete one of the membership granting challenges as winners! In the interest of safety non-GLSS members who wish to enter the Lake Ontario 300 Solo Challenge, must submit a Sailing Resumé and also a Solo Passage Documentation form to be considered for entry.


Early submission of these documents will allow the GLSS Board of Directors ample time for review, and provide you with time to correct any deficiencies. Details regarding these requirements are available on the GLSS LO300SC website or by contacting GLSS resource, Ron Smallbone by email or by phone at: (647)-764-8501.

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