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Welcome to the Lake Ontario Short-handed Racing Series (LOSHRS), the largest and fastest growing racing series on the Lake.

See why our winning formula appeals to such a broad range of sailors, racing in boats of all sizes and ratings, attracting as many as 130+ entries each year.

Whether you opt to race solo or sail double-handed, you may get to learn more about yourself and your boat over a couple of distance races than through an entire season of going around the buoys.

Test your skills in Lake Ontario’s ever-changing conditions over a series of courses that range from 20 to 100 nautical miles. Each event will bring new experiences and lessons learned.

From lake crossings to night sailing, each race in the series offers a chance to navigate into a different corner of Lake Ontario, off the beaten path.

Enjoy the unique camaraderie of fellow LOSHRS sailors, on and off the water, for great post-race parties at the dock, dinner events, and a prize-filled annual banquet. Mingle with experienced sailors to share tales of thrilling race experiences.





SUNDAY May 31, 2020


From PCYC east to T1 then west to a Humber Bay finish.

RACE 2 & 3

SATURDAY June 13th, 2020  SUNDAY June 14th, 2020


Youngstown Weekend.  Race from PCYC to YYC on Saturday & back to PCYC on Sunday.


SATURDAY August 15th, 2020


The 100 miler race runs the west end of Lake Ontario:  PCYC to Burlington via Toronto islands, then to the Niagara River entrance and back to to PCYC.  Start time is the morning of Saturday August 15th, 2020.

RACE 5 & 6

SATURDAY Sept. 19th, 2020  SUNDAY Sept. 20th, 2020

The DYC weekend comprises two days of racing: Saturday to DYC and then Sunday is a race back to PCYC from DYC.

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